Resolved work

Greenhouse photo screen print – I created the image on photoshop then transferred it onto a silk screen. Gave an interesting effect with some areas light and disjointed, and some solid and blocky.
Zombie photo screen print – I like the effect the screen printing process lends to my images, the ink disrupts the clean figurative lines I had previously drawn out to create something much more textured and emotive.
Tea witch intaglio print
‘Game over’ lino print. First attempt at lino printing, I love the ability to create such stark areas of colour and think it works especially well with such a graphical image.
Witch concertina book created using copic markers and fineliners
Artificial composition fantasy piece. Each aspect was drawn individually then slotted around each other to create this composition. Images with this level of detail and storytelling are my favourite to draw.
Artificial composition fantasy piece watercolour detail