Development and exploration

First attempt of mono printing. I liked the figurative nature I was able to achieve through using a fine mark making tool; the effect gave my drawings a moody edge which appealed to me.
Further monoprint mark making exploration – using a fork to create an interesting track effect, as well as softer tools to add contrast to the harsher lines.
Trying out collagraph tile printing. I enjoyed the process and thought it created an interesting effect – I liked the contrast of the intricate patterns of the delicate lace alongside the bold uninterrupted shapes produced by the wall paper strip.
Screen printed faces. The textured finish worked well here to create a strange eerie atmosphere, amplified by the contrast in exposure between the two images.
Still life/negative space drawing exercise. I love the spooky effective of the harsh greenish-white pencil on the black paper making the lines appear almost luminous.
Intaglio print exploration. I love the scratchy impression this printing process produces and think it works very well with my narrative style.
Crosshatch exercise to explore its different methods of application