How we can help

Plant, Whether its form a window box in your apartment, a garden in you back yard or a green space in your community, there’s something you can grow to help bees, no matter where you live.Buff%20tailed%20bee%20Suzanne%20Bairner

Reduce or limit the use of pesticides while plants are in bloom and bees are out foraging. Be careful whenever using pesticides because they can also poison bees by drifting onto booming plants or weeds. Reduced use can help prevent poisoning towards bees.

Register, if you already have a green thumb and plants available for pollination, you can register your space to be included on the Pollinator Partnerships bea-keeping-honeydatabase. The share map collects pollinator habitats from all over the world in an effort to build the community.

Buy local, be on the on the lookout for local organically grown fruits, vegetables and honey that helps support the local bee-keepers and farmers in your area.

Donate, the Pollinator Partnership in the worlds largest non profit organization dedicated solely to helping protect and promote pollinators like bees. so please donate now.

Beekeeping with Blooming Apple Trees in Background